Businesses are faced with the challenge of driving operational excellence, enhancing collaboration with key business partners, whilst fostering employee development and leadership.

Amidst this complex environment, businesses need to understand and unlock the possibilities afforded by emerging technologies within the context of their overall business and IT strategy.

For potential Blockchain customers, these challenges are exasperated by an ever expanding product portfolio, with new disruptive solutions and technologies emerging regularly.

Royalti's Advisory Services practice integrates our product expertise with practical industry experience to help businesses make strategic IT investments that are focused on the overall mission of the organisation in order to generate the greatest value for the business.

As trusted advisors, our team will work with you to understand your unique needs, and provide plans focused on optimisation, simplification and cost reduction.

Potential benefits include:
Improved ability to deploy, integrate, and manage new technology innovations
Greater agility, responsiveness, standardisation and cost-efficiency
Harmonised and consolidated systems landscape and data sources

Our Services

Through four core services we assist organisations evaluate de-centralised products and develop strategies and plans to maximise the value from their projects.

1. Strategy - Can Blockchain work in your organisation?

Our solution strategy service helps organisations shape the direction of their Dapp investment over a three to five year period. We explore business opportunities provided by Blockchain solutions and assist businesses develop strategies that are actionable and aligned to business priorities.

Our services comprise:
Development of an enterprise wide (or more local tactical) solution strategy including an opportunity assessment, product roadmap and investment prioritisation
Development of a Blockchain solution strategy for one or more applications and/or technologies
Development of a Blockchain solution strategy for mergers, acquisition and divestitures

2. Discovery

Through our discovery services we help organisations build a strong business case for a discrete initiative or a program of work, enabled by Blockchain solutions. We work with key stakeholders to assess business imperatives, quantify the impact of addressing these needs and shape a program focused on business results.

Our services comprise:
Assessment of business performance against industry peers
Business Performance Benchmarking
Development of a business case for Blockchain based initiatives
Development of a change program aligned to corporate priorities

3. Architecture

Our solution architecture services help organisations establish and implement a vision, roadmap and governance for the use of Blockchain solutions to address today’s business needs and support future growth. We assist organisations in identifying where they can leverage Blockchain for greatest impact, defining a target architecture that supports business requirements and reduces costs.

Our services comprise:
Assessment of current enterprise architecture and development of an architecture gap analysis and recommended migration plans
Development of a Blockchain architecture governance and operating model
Development of an enterprise or solution based architecture

4. Assurance

Our assurance services help organisations realise target benefits and enhance the quality of new Blockchain solutions while proactively minimising risks. From solution implementations and enhancements through to extensions and upgrades, we assist businesses ensure projects are aligned with the overall scope, time and budget requirements and solutions adhere to corporate standards and best practices.

Our services comprise:
Identification and mitigation of risks associated with implementation and continuous improvement initiatives
Assessment of the solution design to ensure efficiency, completeness and maintainability
Assessment of project management processes and project status
Post implementation review of project outcomes and deliverables